Forest Health Task Force looks to expand monitoring program in Summit County

The Forest Health Task Force in Summit County is working to plant the seeds for a larger program this year. At a meeting last Thursday, Jan. 16, the Forest Health Task Force continued to work on planning expansion for the 2014 volunteer forest-monitoring program. The program currently has 20 volunteers, and is looking for about 30 more to help work on upcoming forest research and data collection. Task force president Howard Hallman said the mission of the organization in is to educate the public on forest health and wildfire issues and to monitor long-term forest conditions. As the group plans for 2014, Hallman said it wants to expand the volunteer monitoring program to include all of Summit County, where volunteers will be trained to follow U.S. Forest Service protocol to document forest change, providing detailed data on growth and climate. (SDN, Jan 21, 2013) READ MORE