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Outdoor Enthusiasts Rally in Support of Public Lands

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Wildand Fire Management Futures

Wildand Fire Management Futures- Insights from a Foresight Panel READ MORE

CSFS HB-1199 2009-2016 Report

CSFS HB-1199 2009-2016 Report Read the

Healthy Forests and Vibrant Communities-2016 CSFS Report

Government shutdown to have various effects on Northwest Colorado

Steamboat Today (10/1/13) Craig — The federal government has shut down, and although Washington, D.C., is almost 2,000 miles away, people are feeling the effects right here in Northwest Colorado. While emergency services still will be in operation under a government shutdown, the Bureau of Land Management and Dinosaur Monument essentially have closed down. The BLM will be working with a skeletal staff, and Dinosaur National Monument will be closed. READ MORE