Forest Health Guide

This guide, published in cooperation with the Summit Daily News, is an annual project of the Forest Health Task Force. The Forest Health Task Force is a program of The Greenlands Reserve, a statewide nonprofit land trust designed to provide public benefit by preserving open space and encouraging conservation purposes including the protection of landscapes, scenery, public access and wildlife habitat. 

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 2010 Forest Health Guide [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 4.77 MB]


Archive of past guides:

 2009 Forest Health Guide [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 6.93 MB]
 2008 Forest Health Guide [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 8.37 MB]
 2007 Forest Health Guide [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 15.89 MB]
 2006 Forest Health Guide [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 2.25 MB]
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