Other Projects

Relevant Forest projects

Lower Snake Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI Project)

Historic Forest Conditions (Study presented by Brad Piehl, JW Associates) Part 2

Geological History of the area (Study presented by Joe Newman, FHTF Volunteer)

The Forest Health Task Force proposed the following projects for 2009 and beyond: 

 2009 Communications Program [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 96.35 KB]
 2009 In-school Education [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 101.89 KB]
 2009 In showcase blue wood [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 96.25 KB]
 2009 Interpretative Sign [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 98.86 KB]
 2009 Website [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 95.14 KB]

Brad Piehl is an environmental consultant based in Summit County, Colorado. His company, JW Associates Inc. presents a unique approach to environmental consulting that emphasizes a personal and collaborative relationship with its clients. Piehl has completed a number of watershed studies valuable to the work of the Forest Health Task Force. To check out some of his work, click the following link: JW Associates watershed studies