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Selling Public Lands

U.S. Congressman withdraws federal bill to sell off public lands

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah's 3rd Congressional District introduced a bill to the U.S. House last week to sell more than 3.3 million acres of Bureau of Land Management property across 10 western states. House Bill 621, titled the "Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act of 2017" quickly came up against an outpouring of resistance from environmentalists, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts, and late-Wednesday evening, Chaffetz announced he would withdraw the proposed legislation.


Lower Snake Wildland-Urban Interface Project

Forest Service Seeking Comments on Lower Snake Wildland-Urban Interface Project in Summit County

The Dillon Ranger District of the White River National Forest welcomes your comments on its proposal to implement approximately 857 acres of vegetation management activities on National Forest System lands located in Summit County, Colorado.

Approximately 99% of Summit County’s total population lives in the wildland-urban interface (WUI). Hazardous fuel reduction projects near communities in the WUI are...


Laura Rossetter: Speak up on Thursday forest health project near Frisco

Frisco residents and all users of National Forest lands just south of Frisco need to be aware that the Forest Service is proposing a large timber cutting project (to address forest health) on 1,700 acres around Rainbow Lake, on Ophir Mountain and near sections of Miner's Creek Road and the Peaks and Gold Hill/Colorado Trails.  Read the complete articleSpeak up on Thursday forest health project near Frisco

Thank you to the U.S. & Colorado State Forest Service

Thank you to the U.S. & Colorado State Forest Service for taking a proactive stance to create a buffer zone of defensible space around the Peak 7 residential area on Forest Service land. I commend the project and appreciate that our safety and welfare of our families and our homes, and the safety of our fire fighters taking priority over a few who don't want to see trees being cut out their windows. (They may even notice that we have better views of the beautiful mountains once our dying and dead trees are removed!) Read the complete article: Kathie M. Kralik: Peak 7 Forest Health Plan a positive!

Forest Service announcement - hazard-tree removal

It's not always easy to find fans in the category “things federal agencies do,” but it's hard not to be on board with the recent U.S. Forest Service announcement that hazard-tree removal is moving near the top of their list. Last week, the Forest Service said it will expand a $15 million project to remove beetle-killed trees from in the White River National Forest as well as the Arapaho-Roosevelt and Medicine Bow-Routt forests. Read the complete article: Forest Service on the right track with hazard tree removal

Water quality

SUMMIT COUNTY - Although they represented scores of groups from around Colorado, the 300-plus people who attended a watershed conference in Breckenridge last week probably all agree on one thing - water quality and quantity will continue to be overriding issues for the state. Read the complete article: Blue River watershed in good shape

Vail Resorts announced it will partner with the U.S. Forest Service

SUMMIT COUNTY — About the same time Vail Resorts announced it will partner with the U.S. Forest Service and the National Forest Foundation to tackle a major restoration project in the scarred Hayman fire area, the company's two local resorts started taking steps to address forest health issues on the slopes of their ski mountains. Read the complete article: Resorts Tackle Beetle-Killed Tree Problem